How Long Until I Get My License?

How Long Until I Get My License?

Many of our customers ask us how long it takes to get their establishment license from the Illinois Gaming Board (IGB).  The honest answer is IT DEPENDS.  It depends on how the ownership of your establishment works.

Most of our customers are getting their license in four to six months.  That’s four to six months after their license is COMPLETE, with fingerprints, signatures, and everything submitted and complete.  If you’re a single-owner establishment, it seems the process moves a bit faster.  If there are several owners, it seems to move a bit slower.

As your terminal operator, we’ll do everything we can to help.  We have two license specialists on staff who can answer questions, help you find finger print locations, or help you prepare forms.

Please call us at 800-779-0635 with any questions on the process.  We’re glad to help.

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