Prairie State Gaming Celebrates its 10th VGT Installation

Prairie State Gaming Celebrates its 10th VGT Installation

September 5, 2012

OAK FOREST – Prairie State Gaming today installed its tenth VGT location as machines rolled off the truck.  “If you’re our customer, and you have a license, you get your machines right away” said Prairie State Gaming President Rob Miller.  “We have the capital, the people, and the expertise to get our customers ready for VGT operations now” Miller noted.

With the IGB’s recent vault approvals, Miller expects  locations will begin live operations soon.  “We want our customers to be among the first in their area with live machines” Miller stated.  “If I were a bar or restaurant, the first question I’d ask my Terminal Operator is whether they have machines and vaults on hand now.  In our case, it’s a big YES!”

PSG employees confer with establishment staff on location and operation of the central monitoring system equipment essential to video gaming terminal operations.

Prairie State Gaming staff take a quick moment to celebrate before heading to the next installation.

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