Update on Video Gaming Regulations

Update on Video Gaming Regulations

Dear Valued Customer:

We are writing in our ongoing effort to keep you updated on Video Gaming regulatory issues.

First, the Illinois Gaming Board (IGB) has once again asked us, as your Terminal Operator, to impress upon you the importance of avoiding any and all illegal gaming in your Establishment.  Five Establishments had their Video Gaming Licenses revoked for NCAA Basketball Tournament related gambling.  These five Establishments were allowed to pay a $5,000 fine, and have their licenses reinstated.  We were informed that this was the last warning to Establishments regarding illegal gaming.  The IGB assured us that the next time any Establishment is caught participating in or allowing illegal gaming, Licenses will be permanently revoked (even if that Establishment has never had a prior illegal gaming incident).  The IGB believes that they have imposed “progressive discipline” in the industry, and that by now, every Establishment has been given fair warning.  This time, they mean business.

Second, the Illinois Gaming Board has asked us to warn our Establishments regarding the need to update their Secretary of State Filings, Liquor Control Commission filings, and Establishment Applications every time there is a change in officers, owners, directors or video gaming manager.  Apparently, on numerous occasions (particularly in the cases of Organization establishments) this paperwork has not been properly completed (or not completed at all), and has become a source of significant frustration.  Again, we have been asked to pass this information along to our Establishment Customers.

Your attention to these points will be greatly appreciated by the Illinois Gaming Board, as well as Prairie State Gaming, as your Terminal Operator.

As always, please feel free to contact your Route Manager, Mike Morris, or Ron Miller with any questions or comments you may have.



Rob Miller, President

Prairie State Gaming

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